Shield Performance Plus AGM – High Power Advanced

  • Shield Performance Plus AGM - High Power Advanced
  • Shield American Range
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Shield Batteries offer the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting vehicle starter batteries. Shield Batteries provide a no compromise high quality product in order to meet their customer requirements. All brands offered by Shield are manufactured to meet and often exceed the original equipment manufactures specifications. We use the latest technology in design and the best quality materials which are backed by a continuous research and development program. 

  • Approximately 360,000 starts :
  • VRLA • Integrated flame arrestor :
  • +150% Improved Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA:
  • +150% Improved Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA:

Shield Batteries Ltd is one of the leading lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the UK, specializing in the production of high-quality batteries and associated products. Established in 1910, Shield Batteries Ltd is committed to providing exceptional customer support, offering flexible lead times, customized products, and reliable delivery schedules.

With its headquarters located in Bishops Stortford, Shield Batteries Ltd has established battery centers across Leicester, Manchester, Poole, Southend Stortford, and Yeovil. The company offers a diverse range of traction batteries, deep batteries, chargers, and accessories suitable for various industrial and motive power applications. These applications include electric vehicles, forklift trucks, and materials handling equipment.

Shield Batteries Ltd offers lithium batteries under the reputable Cegasa and Sterling brands. These lithium batteries serve as direct replacements for traditional lead-acid batteries. They are fully compatible with all makes and models of lifting machinery, ensuring seamless integration. The lithium batteries are available in a range of ampere-hour (Ah) ratings and can be obtained in 24V and 28V variants.

For more information about Shield Batteries Ltd and its extensive range of products, please visit their official website at: